Looking Into Uncertainty, Part X

Well, this should be the 10th article I’ve been written across the 3 months.

However, there are so much stuff that I’m doing while not documented here. My rule here is to only post something that I’m sure I could implement it by myself without any possible errors.

Here are something that I’m working on currently:

Depth of Field

Depth of Field is something that must be done in FBO, then manipulate through a shader not different from HDR Bloom. The only difference is that the different parts should be blurred this time, not the entire scene like HDR Bloom. I’m still trying to figure out how to set the distances of the objects in the scene.

Glass-like Reflection

It’s a special requirement of the Reflection assignment, in which an object made purely using glass need to be rendered and it should reflect off light sources and the background correctly. In my opinion, this should be done by first rendering the background and put the background scene into a FBO as a texture map, then using several fragment shaders, apply this texture map onto the object that’s meant to get the reflection. I’m still in the process of finalize the entire process, will post about it when I’m done in time.

Ambient Occlusion, namely SSAO

This is rendered in Maya.
This Ambient Occlusion is rendered in Maya by me.

SSAO stands for Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion. I’m able to do both in Maya, however the baked textures, while showing up well in Maya, didn’t show as well in the C++ Program as the textures outputted in Maya didn’t quite work in the framework, I’m currently trying to debug the problem, if it persists, I’m afraid I may need to create the occlusion map all by myself. I still don’t get the fact why it works so great there but refuse to work here.

That’s pretty much all the problems I’m running into, when any of them is solved, I’ll be removing the corresponding part and make a new post about it.

Until that time, see you later.

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