Reflection – UI & Controls

This passing week has been slow due to some of our members went to MIGS, so I want to look back and discuss the UI and Controls on our games this time.

I listed examples of platforming games in my UI blog. Because originally our game will be played similar to one. However, we have since changed our game design for a faster paced-PvP arena game. The thing is, the discussions of UI and Controls are still relevant even if the game genre is changed.

Currently, our game features a very simple UI: On the screen is a number showing the remaining bullets, there are also a crosshair in the middle of the screen that can help aiming. There is no need for HP since you die in one hit. However when you have a shield on, your weapon will change color to reflect that. Obviously, the color will be removed (and with a sound) when you get hit.

We don’t need more things on our screen since we want our players to focus on the arena and their opponent. As far as we tested, this is a good design choice since no one questioned for the absence of UI or HUD.

Control wise. the game features the standard WASD moving, mouse aiming and firing control that everyone with an experience on games such like Counter-Strike would known of. Most similar games on the market features the same control scheme. Currently, joystick/gamepad control haven’t been implemented, but when it eventually does, it will also resemble the control scheme used in those games. This is to ensure that our intended player base would pick up this game and know how to play it without any additional tutorials.

Our player profile indicates that our player bases are likely the more casual FPS players, which will like the streamlined UI and Controls.

The programmers are working to align the crosshair so it fits better with the camera. And we’ll be moving on the designing of the main menus and menu items when that’s done.

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